infections of the respiratory system health

were injury to the health legs and/or feet, disease in the upper back or neck region with frequent pain, other musculoskeletal disease, disease in the genitals and reproductive system, asthma, diabetes and other endocrine and / or metabolic diseases. Severe emotional disturbance, other skin disease, stones health or gallbladder disease, other digestive disease, kidney disease,

coronary disease and

or angina pectoris, other health respiratory disease and goiter or other thyroid disease presented two (1.4% | 2.4%) reports each. One (0.7% | 1.2%) report each was identified in colitis or colon irritation, other cardiovascular disease, chronic bronchitis, hearing problem or decrease, vision disease or injury, and benign tumor. Discussion in this study, most professionals reported having at least one medically diagnosed injury or disease, and among these more than half reported having two or more health problems. In a study conducted in Australia, authors analyzed long-term conditions health among nurses and midwives and identified a significant number of professionals with at least one condition, and many

reported multiple conditions health (1) similar to this study. In addition, in a Brazilian study that analyzed absenteeism-disease in nursing professionals, the emergency room was among the environments that presented the highest frequency of medical certificates(8) . Musculoskeletal conditions among nursing professionals are a recurring issue in studies, including back pain(1,4,8) . The present study confirmed the predominance of injuries due to accident and diseases of the musculoskeletal system in nursing professionals of an emergency unit, revealing back injury as a more frequent condition. There are results indicating that the emergency nursing team faces greater physical

  • demands and health pressure over time than General Hospital nurses (17), which can contribute to these values. These results are of concern because musculoskeletal problems in the nursing team of hospitals are among the main causes of disability of these professionals (18). However, it is important
  • to highlight the considerable frequency observed for the groups of diseases of the respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular, endocrine and/or metabolic systems, followed by other conditions that were identified in fewer numbers in the present study. Gastritis or duodenal irritation and high blood pressure were the second and third most frequent conditions, respectively. These results may

reflect a set of factors health

  • including occupational stress, which in the present study was shown to be greater among professionals with injury or disease based on the analysis of the means. health Nurses are vulnerable to these consequences considering continuous exposure to work stressors, especially nurses in the context of the emergency that are exposed to stressful, agitated, difficult to predict and constantly changing situations that contribute to high occupational
  • stress in this area of action and make this specialty different from the others(4,17) . Stress in the nursing profession has increasingly been considered a global nursing factor Nº 51 July 2018 page 443 risk for adverse health outcomes(7) . The results related to stress and health have as important predictors the characteristics related to work and the environment in which nurses develop their work health

activities (17) . Data from health the present study indicated that professionals with injury or disease had a higher average of working time in the unit and in the hospital. Research that evaluated occupational health problems among nurses working in emergency situations in Turkey identified that nurses health working one to three years in the units experienced (with statistical significance) more problems related to disc

herniation (4). The authors conclude that nurses in emergency units experienced health problems related to the occupational factors and risks that these professionals faced(4) . This perspective may also contribute to the results of this study, which indicated a higher proportion of professionals health working overtime among those with health problems and a higher average in the number of injuries or illnesses among professionals with other jobs and who started working earlier. The longer-term exposure to certain occupational aspects and / or the cumulative exposure health that includes from the conditions of insertion in the first job and the age at which this insertion occurred in terms of health

physical and mental

structure may be related health to the development of health problems over time. In this sense, the literature mentions that the Prevention of resource depletion is important and “can be prevented by avoiding the worker’s continuous exposure to demands and taking into account sufficient time for physical health and emotional recovery after coping with stressful events” (17:1326) . The scope of these aspects is more difficult when the professional accumulates two or more jobs. When analyzing the number of injuries or diseases, it was identified in the current study that nursing technicians or assistants had a higher average number of health problems than nurses, although the difference was not health

  • statistically significant. This category was also the one that most presented medical certificates in a study that evaluated absenteeism-disease among nursing professionals (8). In addition, professionals who felt tired and/or discouraged after work presented, on average, a higher number of injuries or diseases, indicating
  • possible implications of health problems in the dimensions external to the work environment and in the mood of these professionals. Prevalence of violence at work towards nursing professionals in emergency settings are also frequently recorded in the literature(4,19-20), as well as the impact of these events on the health of workers who

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