Also, as we get older, we take more medications

Also, as we get older, we take more medications

Also, as we get older, we take more medications. Many of them cause dry mouth, which exacerbates bad breath.The remedy. brush your tongue well. Use a soft scraping instrument to clean your tongue thoroughly, says Lenton. “It starts by scraping as far back as possible,” he says.Feed her.

The main components of bad breath are volatile sulphides, which release their bad smell when the mouth has an alkaline pH. When you eat your mouth gets more acidic, which reduces the bad smell, says Lenton.Rinse. Not every mouthwash works. One containing zinc and cetylpyridinium chloride is the best alternative to fight the hideous oral bacteria, clinical studies suggest.

Research on microwave thermolysis

Check it. Make an appointment with your dentist to rule out caries or gum disease.Act immediately if…… these tactics don’t work. In some cases the cause may be an underlying health problem, such as a chronic sinusitis infection or kidney disease. Sudar a lot can be a sign of a hormonal disorder.How come I’m soaked all of a sudden?Sweating a lot can be a symptom of menopause.

Research on microwave thermolysisIn both sexes, however, it can be a warning of hormonal disorder, a neurological problem or even cancer.The remedy makes vegetarian diet. Women who eat a Mediterranean-style diet or many fruits are less likely to experience hot flashes and night sweats, according to recent studies.Take precautions. If your aluminum antiperspirant stops working, changing your brand or presentation (ball, bar or atomizer) might be helpful.Microwave. Still not relieved? Research on microwave thermolysis. It deactivates sweat glands with a microwave and leaves the rest of the skin intact.

Act immediately if…… you get soaked for no apparent reason. Make sure it’s not more serious.

What’s going on with my toenails?Level of dislike: 3. cracked, brittle, discolored and unusually thick nails due to a fungal infection are embarrassing, especially if you like to wear open shoes.”The fungus feeds on the nails and damages them,” says David Tran, assistant professor at Samuel Merritt’s California School of Podiatric Medicine University.La age is the biggest risk factor, according to an article published in PLOS Pathogens. People with diabetes and problems that limit circulation are also susceptible.The remedy attack it early.

People with diabetes and problems

Early treatment with a prescribed topical solution such as Jublia or Kerydin is best. A more serious infection may require oral medications that require monitoring of side effects in the liver, says Tran.Another option: laser treatments are more effective than topical treatments, which work in 80% of cases, according to a study. Act immediately if…… your nails change notoriously. Discoloration can be the result of skin cancer, which is diagnosed very late if it occurs under the nails.

TIM MITCHELL / Corbissome foods can cause fecal incontinence.Who took the bathroom out of here?If you ever lost control of your sphincters before you could get to the bathroom, don’t mortify yourself —you’re not alone. A recent study reviewed by fellow scientists states that fecal incontinence— or accidental bowel leakage, as it is also known-affects more than 16% of us over the age of 70.”As we get older, our nerves and muscles degenerate,” Director of the Digestive Health Center at Georgia Regents University.

The same tightening exercises that help

The biggest problem is that almost 30% of people with fecal incontinence do not tell their doctors, which prevents them from finding a solution.The cure friend. The same tightening exercises that help with urinary problems can also strengthen the anal sphincter and give you more time to get where you need to get.Get a breath test. It could be whatever you’re eating.

Certain foods can make you leave early. Ask a gastroenterologist for a breath test to see if you do not properly metabolize foods that include fructose or fruit sugar, lactose or milk sugar, and fructose, a chain of molecules in foods such as wheat derivatives, onions, garlic, and artichokes, Rao recommends.Try to relax him. Your rectum is usually “complacent,” says Rao.

The same tightening exercises that help

In some people, however, the rectum becomes stiff and does not accommodate accumulated stools. In that case, your doctor may use a balloon to relax your rectum or recommend surgery, adds Rao.Act immediately if…… you have chronic diarrhea, blood or pus in your stool, fever, overnight diarrhea, dehydration, or unexpected weight loss, suggests the Merck Handbook. Where did these stains come from?Most dark spots caused by the sun are not dangerous, but a dermatologist can help you stay on the lookout for any changes that may indicate problems , director of dermatopathology at the University of Connecticut.The remedy destroy them.

Brown spots are often harmless solar lentigines, also known as age spots. About 14% of middle-aged people have them, says a study in the journal PLOS One. These arise more as we age, in places most exposed to UV rays, such as the face, hands and forearms. Use a cream to lighten the skin, or a dermatologist can remove stains with liquid nitrogen or a laser.Freeze them! Seborrheic keratoses are genetic growths similar to warts that vary in color from yellow to Brown and black. Although they are harmless,” sometimes they can be pretty ugly.

Where did these stains come from?

She advises most patients to keep them still, but a dermatologist can freeze them for you.

She advises most patients to keep them still, but a dermatologist can freeze them for you.Laser them off. Red bumps are usually cherry angiomas-clusters of dilated blood vessels. They are benign, but if you do not like the way they look, a doctor can remove them with a laser or a scalpel.Act immediately if…… some skin stain worries you. Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Symptoms of basal and squamous cell cancers include unusual growth that does not heal. Signs of melanoma include new spots or spots that change in size, shape, or color. Your dermatologist can help monitor dangerous changes.

GETTY Imagethe bad smell of the feet can be caused by fungi.Why do my feet smell like that?The soles of the feet are filled with staphylococcal bacteria, small organisms that break down the substance leucine in sweat to produce isovaleric acid. That’s the compound that makes feet stink, according to a UK study. In fact, sweat promotes the multiplication of these bacteria.

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