A daily breakfast is necessary to nourish the body

A daily breakfast is necessary to nourish the body

Reduce your salt intake and increase your water intake In addition to promoting swelling of the legs, feet, belly and other areas of the body, excess salt can compromise health. “Fluid retention caused by excessive salt intake overloads the heart, kidneys and blood vessels and can also lead to hypertension,” explains Dr. Liliane Oppermann. The nutritionist recommends drinking 2 liters of water. Milk, coconut water and juices can help to reach this level, but ideally, pure water is the main source.
Fluid retention: learn to avoid the problem

Don’t skip breakfast. A daily breakfast is necessary to nourish the body. “This is the time when the body is hungry for nutrients, since it spent 7-8 hours fasting, sleeping. The body needs energy to start the day, in addition to vitamins and minerals. If a person eats fruit for breakfast, then your nutrients will be better used than before bedtime, ” guides nutritionist Liliane Oppermann. A healthy breakfast avoids the consumption of extra calories throughout the day. Without the first meal, the body will spend the morning without energy, and hunger will also come with more intensity throughout the afternoon. Discover tips to make breakfast tastier.

Keep eggs in the diet

Exercise regularly. Physical exercises should be part of the routine, including those that do not need to lose weight. A simple daily walk can improve mood and avoid heart disease. According to cardiologist Rogério de Moura, coordinator of the cardiology department of the Balbino hospital, “to protect the heart, the ideal is to exercise from 45 minutes to 1 hour, 5 times a week.” For those who do not like the gym, the doctor recommends walking around the block, on the beach or in green parks. Another option is to look for classes that escape the conventional. Suspension cores: learn more about the class that burns 500 calories

Keep eggs in the diet. Once considered an enemy of the heart, the egg made the list of important foods. It is rich in choline, a nutrient that protects memory and fights fatigue. Yolk still contains antioxidants, such as zinc, iron, selenium and vitamins A and E. according to nutritionist Liliane Oppermann, it can be consumed daily by those who do not eat meat, as long as it is not fried. For carnivores, the recommendation is to eat up to 3 eggs a week.  Learn how to cook eggs.

Keep eggs in the diet

A glass of wine, you can. Not too much alcohol, no.  Excess alcohol can overwhelm the liver and lead to problems with concentration, increase the frequency of heartbeats and irritate the mucous membrane of the stomach and cause gastritis and ulcers. On the other hand, wine can be good for health. In addition to preventing heart attacks and strokes, the consumption of 250 ml of red wine each night reduces the levels of the hormone estrogen, which is known to increase the risk of developing breast cancer.

The Worst Foods for the body

Champagne diet: the drink is good for health and helps you lose weight. Avoid carbonated drinks, including dietary or light versions. Dietary and light carbonated drinks can be low in calories, but they are rich in other substances that can also harm the body, such as sodium, dyes and preservatives. “The sweeteners in the composition of light and dietary products – usually cyclamate, saccharin and aspartame – are also not the healthiest,” Dr. Liliane Oppermann guides.

The 10 Worst Foods for the body. Eat a light dinner, but eat. The practice of not eating at the end of the day is not healthy. Since the body will spend hours without receiving nutrients, during sleep, sleeping on an empty stomach can generate a disproportionate hunger for breakfast. For a light and nutritious dinner, Liliane Oppermann gives the advice :” for people who usually eat 6 meals a day, which includes morning, afternoon and dinner snacks, in addition to lunch and dinner, I recommend a grilled with raw salad, half a plate of vegetables and a portion of brown rice.”
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Make good choices at the supermarket. Nutritionist Liliane Opperman lists the best choices for a healthy menu: “oats contain B vitamins and fiber, which prevent insulin spikes; extra virgin olive oil is rich in vitamins D and E, in addition to good fats for the heart; yogurt contains calcium for strong bones and probiotics, which act to regulate bowel function;

Salmon is rich in protein and omega-3, which protects the heart; green tea is rich in polyphenols, which stimulate metabolism, prevent tooth decay and obesity, and cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, turnip and cauliflower, which, in addition to fiber, contain carbinol I3, a photochemical product that keeps cancer cells at bay. ” Learn more about the benefits of oats

Do not count the calories spent on the treadmill

Most treadmills and stationary bikes have a calorie counter, but even the most modern ones do not have a reliable account. “This information will never be accurate. It is necessary to connect many factors to achieve this result, which can not be pasteurized for all students. Moving your arms while walking on the treadmill, for example, increases the caloric expenditure by 10%, but it does. no it is possible to account for this expense using the device. To achieve your goals, it is better to talk to the professional, ” explains physical trainer Ricardo Wesley. Gym: 7 Mistakes You Do not want to make.

Do not count the calories spent on the treadmillHaving good health is an essential condition for a healthy and happy life. Health brings vigor, disposition and well-being into a person’s routine, in addition to ensuring more years of life. So, follow the next tips that will help you stay healthy in order to enjoy the best moments with you and your family. Check out!  What to do to keep health up to date?

Drink water. This may seem like a simple warning, but drinking water is essential to maintain the vital functions of the body and avoid dehydration. So nothing to spend hours without drinking water. Always have your baby bottle, especially if you live in warmer regions!

Move. The idea of sitting for a long time or always choosing the elevator may seem very attractive, but if we are going to assess all the risks that physical inactivity entails for health, you would not stay long with this idea. If your work requires you to sit for many hours, then allow hours to get up and walk around the surrounding environment.

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