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Lyme Disease
IBS/Crohn's Disease
Hepatitis C
Liver Fibrosis
Alcoholic Hepatitis
Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) or Fatty Liver  
Auto-Immune Hepatitis
Cholestatic Hepatitis


MCM and Supportive Care for Cancer Patients
Artemisinin and its Derivatives



"Lyme Disease and Modern Chinese Medicine" 
An alternative treatment strategy developed by Zhang Clinic has been published by Dr. Qingcai Zhang

"This is a comprehensive book on the cause and treatment of Lyme disease using modern Chinese medicine, which I have found to be a better option than Western medicine for this difficult infection. Lyme disease is becoming more frequent in many parts of the world, is frequently misdiagnosed, and often resists treatment with antibiotics alone. Here is a new and hopeful way of looking at the disease and its management."
Dr. Andrew Weil, Harvard Medical School graduate and a leading figure in the field of alternative medicines

"From what I have read to date, the authors have done an outstanding job with combining traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine together."
Scott Mulliken, N.D.

From her own experiences, Dr. Virginia Sherr, M.D. wrote: 
"Tell your colleagues that Chinese medicine might be one way to help enhance the clinical outcomes of Lyme treatment."


This book is available at: 
HepaPro Corporation  (888) 788 4372 




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